Woman Wakes Up After 27 Years In Coma

Here’s What She Missed!

The year was 1991, George Bush Sr. was president of the United States, the first war in Iraq (The Gulf War) had just wrapped up, and The Soviet Union was just about to collapse.

Munira Abdulla, a 32 year old mother from the United Arab Emirates, had just picked up her 4 year old son Omar from school and began to drive home. As she began the drive, little did she know that the next time she would see her son, he would be the same age as she currently was, 32 years old. It wasn’t a case of time travel that would lead to these incredible events, it was simply a bus. This is the moment that Munira and Omar’s vehicle collided with a school bus leaving Ms Abdulla with a serious brain injury. Omar – cradled by his mother before the impact – escaped with a bruise to the head.

Ms Abdulla was taken to hospital, from where she was transferred to one in London. She was completely unresponsive, with next to no awareness of her surroundings. Doctors diagnosed a minimally conscious state.

“I never gave up on her because I always had a feeling that one day she will wake up” – Omar Webair

After 27 years, she awoke in clinic near Munich, calling out for her son. “We didn’t believe it at first,” Dr.Friedemann Müller said. “But eventually it became very clear that she was saying her son’s name.”

Imagine waking up after 27 years, calling out for your 4 year old son, eventually seeing a 32 year old man standing there telling you he is your son.

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So…sure she missed her child turning into a man. Sure, she missed out on almost half her life. But, how can YOU relate you ask?

Here is a list of some of the most amazing things Ms. Abdulla missed in the last 27 Years:

1. Fraiser moving from Boston to Seattle to become a radio physiologist

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2. The Internet

3. This Clown

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4. Another Clown

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5. 9/11 #NeverForget

6. American Idol’s Sanjaya

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7. The Magic of David Blaine

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8. 10 Seasons of Friends

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9. 15 Seasons of Grey’s Anatomy

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10. The ENTIRE Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Ms. Abdulla has a LOT of catching up to do. I mean…”What is internet anyway?”

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