2 Bros Fight to Stop L.A. From Banning Parties

Chad Kroeger, an activist, and house party enthusiast fights to keep house parties raging in Hollywood Hills homes along with his boy JT. These 2 heroes give impassioned speeches before each is rudely cut off by the councilman counting down every second till their minimum 1 minute expires. These bros are brofessionals. The type of bros that know how to bro in the right way. Bros for the people.

Main Bro Chad has a Youtube channel and has some other great videos. Below we can see Chad attend a Trump protest where he protests Trump because Trump is bringing back jobs and he doesn’t want one:

Chad also fights the good fight for the environment. Below, check out a video where he’s trying to educate the public on ways to conserve water by using new desalinization techniques:

Chad. A bro for the ages!

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