Hump Day Haha Video: The Chicken Club

This is a legitimate anti-drug music video (from the 80’s) conceived and created to let youngsters know that if they were confronted with the temptation to do drugs they could say “NO” with confidence. Even if the person propositioning the child called them a “chicken” (as a last ditch effort to persuade the kid to change their mind) the youth could fire back with the completely unexpected answer, “That’s right, I am a chicken and it’s OK because there is this sweet music video that told me that it’s cool to be a chicken. So your taunts, jeers and name calling will not make me change my mind, in fact they only strengthen my resolve. I’m not only a chicken…I’m in the Chicken Club!” You decide if the rational behind the song worked…

I’m pretty sure this video lead to more drug use than it stopped.


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