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Top Ten Worst Songs On Touchtunes Jukeboxes

Happy National Jukebox Day!

National Jukebox Day is today! November 22nd, 2017. “Who cares about Jukeboxes anymore?” you may ask. I’ll tell you who. ME! One of my favorite hobbies is jukebox terrorism. Bars that have Touchtunes™ brand Jukeboxes make it even easier because they have an app on your phone that makes jukebox terrorism even easier. Nobody even has to know it’s you!

Not all Touchtunes machines have the same songs in their search feature, but here are the Top 10 songs I like to play to ruin people’s day or night.

10. On Top Of Spaghetti (Disney – The Best of Silly Songs)

9. Pussy (Lords of Acid)

8. Rape Me (Richard Cheese)

7. The H.I.V. Song (WEEN)

6. Fuck The Pain Away (Peaches)

5. Stars Are Blind (Paris Hilton)

4. Miracles (ICP)

Fucking magnets, how do they work?

3. Lost In You (Chris Gaines a.k.a. Garth Brooks)

This song is so bad that it’s almost impossible to find it on the internet. I think Garth Brooks has scrubbed Youtube of it.

2. Arms Wide Open (Creed)

Realistically this entire list could have been Creed songs.

1. Trapped In The Closet –  (R. Kelly)

Bonus points for playing Chapter 1-22 in order, in a row, Play Next on all of them.

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