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This Cute Kitty Gets a Photoshop Makeover, Thanks Internet!

You never know what you’ll see surfin’ the ol’ Information Super Highway. Sometimes you cringe, sometimes you laugh sometimes you cry sometimes you’re amazed! One of the best places to experience it all is in Reddit’s Photoshopbattles community. I’m always amazed by people’s creativity and amount of freetime. Take a look at what our cute wide eyed kitty turned into:

1. Pizza Cat In Clouds!

Reddit u/DrWankalot

Yes, his Reddit username is “DrWankalot” but you can’t deny his of his artistry! These cat heads floating in the clouds with pizza are a thing of beauty. Truly Majestic DrWankalot!



Reddit u/alberto_ramos

3. Kitty Slippers 😂😂😂

Reddit u/Martinbails

4. Kitty With A Vengeance!

Reddit u/mandal0re

5. Googly Eyed Kitty

Reddit u/MietoASMR

6. Terrible Cat Emoji

Reddit u/spreadscience


Reddit u/YaBoiRexTillerson


So what have we learned? I don’t know, probably nothing.

But hey, CATS! 😺😸😹😻🙀

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